Harley Quinn Photo Shoot Fun

Strike a pose!

Any chance I get to do this, I do.  I love modeling.  I have been doing it for over twenty years so when my good friend Dino Petrocelli asked me to give his 17 year-old-son practice with a model I gladly jumped in and scheduled a shoot.  Dino is the photographer who captures the awesome pinup shots of me with retro cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Photographer Dino Petrocelli Jr in middle

Dave Anderson as Joker on left

Myself as Harley Quinn on right

I came up with the idea to do a Suicide Squad inspired photo shoot since I have never done a Cosplay shoot and wanted to do something different than my typical pinup styled shoots. 

I asked male model Dave Anderson to join in on the shoot as the Joker.  He and I modeled a few weeks prior for the first time together for a book cover photo shoot and worked well "on screen".  He was in for the adventure so I began grabbing ideas from Pintrest and also rented the movie Suicide Squad since I hadn't yet seen it.

The shoot was planned in FOUR DAYS!!! After I got the thumbs up from Dino Jr for shoot date, time and location, I began to plan my outfit and look.    

HAIR - The wig I had from old pinup shoots and just styled it into pigtails and spray painted each side with colored hairspray I bought at Sally Beauty Supply but you can also get it on Amazon.  For the Joker, I spray painted his black hair with a lot of green hairspray.  All three colors are shown below:


Hair colors used

Hair colors used


Wig Before Hair Color

Wig Before Hair Color


Wig after color

Lesson learned, should have worn gloves

Props and Costume
Most of it was DIY but two pieces I needed to order from Amazon - the Puddin' choker and the Daddy's Lil Monster shirt.  Both pieces came to $21 total.  The rest of the outfit I made myself from old clothes or costumes.The prison outfit I made from old clothes.  They were white and ivory so I used one 1/2 packet of RIT dye to make them orange.  After they were dry I used a stencil and black acrylic paint to further decorate the leg so I looked like an inmate.  


Props before

Props before


Props after

Hand painted boots, shorts, gun and bat


The look came together perfectly!

For the shoes, they were construction worker high heels so I painted them with black and white acrylic paint and added white 54" laces.

The gun was repainted to black/white and gold from it's original camo and the baseball bat needed details to look like Harley Quinn's weapons.


Dying Prison Outfit with RIT dye

They were white before


Painting detainee details

Pre prison outfit Selfie


The tattoos I drew on myself using NYX cosmetics eyeliner and then sprayed them after with hairspray to seal in the liner.  It worked amazing and they didn't come off until I scrubbed them in the shower.  I did both my makeup and the Joker's relatively quickly.  I used white face paint from Michael's craft store on both of our faces.
We did a SELFIE makeup check with natural light before heading to the studio.  Shown below is a non edited/no filter shot right before we left my home for the photo shoot.


Temporary Tattoos



makeup check before we headed to studio with natural light

This shows MUA in studio


We were in studio for two hours.  It was an extremely hot day so we decided to just shoot inside.  Photo shoots on hot days wearing a wig are a bit uncomfortable as all of the heat is trapped inside and I was melting like a popsicle on a hot day.  Luckily the makeup didn't need to be perfect for this shoot look so I didn't retouch during the two hour shoot at all.  The glow from sweat on my face didn't pose a problem either.


Setup in studio

BTS pix from Iphone of light adjustment on set

Below is a quick video showing what it was like in the studio, how a fog machine works for the smoke effect, posing and a bunch of awesome images we got that day.  We got 204 amazing images from photographer Dino Petrocelli Jr who again is only 17 years old!  Big things to come for him!  Dino is in the black shirt above and his dad assisted in lighting setup who is pictured in white T-shirt.

harley quinn and joker

Post production editing

Mike Schinnerer is a phenomenal graphic designer friend who did this cool "fake" bubble for me since my real bubble gum wasn't able to inflate to this size.  The smoke was still lingering for this shot as well as a blue filter over light in back of us.

Harley quinn lorraine toth

Thanks for reading and check back as we have a GATSBY shoot booked with him for next week! I will be modeling and doing a video on that at well.  My new show will have a bunch of BTS footage both in front of and behind the lens so stay tuned!

through the lens.jpg