Looking better 20 years later!

Everyone loves a good before and after photo.  Everyone loves #FlashbackFriday pictures.  People also love when you can give them tips to look like the after...this is what I recently learned.  If you are just starting your online presence of being a social media maven, entering the world of health and beauty or think you are America's next supermodel then I have some tips for you!

Photo from 1998 next to twenty years later unedited "selfie"posted on Lorraine's Instagram account handle  @pinupmakeover

Photo from 1998 next to twenty years later unedited "selfie"posted on Lorraine's Instagram account handle @pinupmakeover

I recently came across my first professional headshot from 1998.  I was just trying to get into modeling at 22 years old.  I flew out to Atlanta GA with my then MR. NYS competitive bodybuilder boyfriend and hired a makeup artist and photographer to get me some images to use for model searches.  Back then you actually had to go to modeling event searches in person - it wasn't as easy as it is now.  

None the less, my modeling career never took off but I did learn some things over the years.

One of my biggest lessons:
Eyebrows are key!  Brows shape your face.  They frame your eyes.  I used to draw them on with a pencil and pluck them away to basically nothing.  This took away my border for my eyes and left me looking like a cupie doll.  I now know thanks to some makeup artist BFF's of mine that it is a process of getting a good brow and product is key.

My favorite brow products are from the Anastasia line.  
I use the DipBrow and the Brow Whiz in soft brown.  Both are a lifesaver.  
Link here for their website.

I am now getting more modeling gigs than I was twenty years ago.  I pride myself in still getting carded when I buy booze, being young enough for the twenty year olds to ask me on dates even though my response is always the same "I could be your mother - no thank you!"

If you are feeling the need for a makeover this year, instead of trying to change your hairstyle - change your brow style!  You will be surprised at how such a tiny difference makes a huge change in your appearance!  

Headshot from 1998

1998 modeling headshot

Twenty years later selfie with proper brow