Book Launch Party

Join Lorraine on Tuesday, August 8th for the Book Launch party to celebrate her 1st book being published! Lorraine will be autographing copies of "Run".  We will also have giveaways including orginal art by Lorraine, T-shirts designed by Lorraine, Beauty products and more! Enjoy a beverage in the pavilion while listening to Matthew Sean sing with a cupcake in your hand! It doesn't get better than this! ***Cash only sales for book purchase.  ATM located inside the Mill. ***

She is often asked: what is the book about?

"Through our pain we grow. Through our art we heal. "Run" 
is one woman's raw expression of both. Lorraine's courage to share her deepest wounds and wisdom to continuously learn and grow from them offers hope to anyone who has ever suffered a broken heart. - Keryl Pesce, Author of Happy Bitch"
After a lifetime of giving her power away, Lorraine
Toth, through using her artistic gifts, the power of her mind, and her no-holds-barred determination to run a marathon, claims it back. "RUN" is the story of overcoming a devastating divorce and feelings of helplessness through the process. It also chronicles the training and completing her first marathon – and learning to trust what the universe had in store for her. In this memoir and poetry self-help guidebook, Lorraine shows you how to find your way through painful circumstances and onto the path to a new and better YOU. The second part of the book features poems that Lorraine wrote about lost love, childhood, self-doubt, the search for perfection and more.