Run is one woman's journey from pain to power.  She overcomes lifelong insecurities and a painful divorce by challenging herself to run a Marathon.  The mental strength carries her across the finish line when her body begins to break down.  She heals herself and her deepest wounds by crossing the finish line and running towards a new life.  Based on the book titled "RUN" written by Lorraine Toth who also acted and directed film. 


RUN review

Dr. Rae Muhlstock

University at Albany, SUNY

Lorraine Toth’s short film RUN is a love letter to running and to the vulnerable spaces of the self, the ones that we might doubt but should never underestimate.

Remediated prose from the novel of the same name, upon which the short film is based, paired with black and white images communicate the turmoil, pain, and sense of loss that come with a radical break of the heart. Juxtaposed with these visuals voicing internal strife are bright, serene shots of Lorraine running, celebrating, buoyant from her mental, physical, and emotional victory over the stagnant darkness of her pain. The camera weaves around her as Lorraine, swathed in bright pink and drawing breaths of “newly cleansed air,” looks to the sky, to a newfound light, a new smile, a new sense of self, and viewers cannot help, as the camera tilts towards this shining summit, but feel some of the victory Lorraine feels inside herself, that same that is inside all of us. While a snippet of one woman’s journey to the finish line, RUN might inspire us all to peer through our pain to the stronger self we might become.

The film won an award at the Blackbird Film Festival on 4/22/18 in Cortland, NY.