An Event with my Mentor? #GratefulAF

I’m such a goal driven person, I make lists daily & love to check them off, have a vision board, a creation box and set daily intentions. This morning a goal was confirmed.

To host a local author book event I am organizing and Co-hosting with my mentor Deborah Hanlon for Tuesday, September 18th at the Mill on Round Lake!

I’m so excited to be at this event with her!  To read the clearly divine way Deborah came into my life scroll down.  

It is proof that people come into your life with a purpose.

local author flyer .jpg

Deborah came into my life by magical means in December 2013 and forever changed my life.

I went to one of her Guided Meditation events in Latham, NY.  It was my first time ever meditating and I had no idea what to expect. The decision to even go there that night was completely last minute.  However, that one experience changed my future's trajectory!

December 2013 - I was at the early stages of divorce where your marriage (relationship) is crumbling and you hate the world.  You are filled with anger and resentment and question your purpose in life.  I heard a radio ad on B95.5, a channel I never listen to, about a meditation event that evening in Latham.  I felt compelled to go to there.  I went to her guided meditation where she did a 45 minute meditation in the dark.  Entering it, I was a ball of nerves, tense, anxious, angry and every single BAD emotion out there.  Add on top of this it was cold winter in Upstate New York which in itself is depressing.

After this meditation session, I emerged "glowing".  I actually felt the anger leave my body.  I clearly remember feeling blackness seep out of my body and being absorbed by the ground beneath me.  I felt lighter after that meditation and found the power that day to control my thoughts, rather than to be controlled by them.

Early in 2014, I went on to then take her Reiki 1 & 2 training classes and become certified to practice Reiki.  I began meditating almost daily, took on challenges for my internal growth and got out of my own way all because of Deborah.  Deborah taught me about being mindful in life.  She helped me get rid of all of those "red tapes" running through my body that no longer served me.  She showed me that I didn't have to carry all of the drama and baggage from childhood and past relationships into my future.  She helped me to get rid of the stuck, black energy and instead focus on what I wanted in my life.  Deborah taught me about energy.  She taught me the skills I use on a daily basis to live a now happy life.  Let me restate that I was very angry and miserable with my life prior and looked to blame anything in my way.  It was Deborah who forever taught me how to get out of my own way and that there is no point in blame.  It is only your choice to decide how you react to situations.  

She also invited me to be a part of a women's Entrepreneur group that met downstate where I met other women who would show me the power behind the Law of Attraction.  I began to see my life's potential with these few and far between meetings amongst other creative souls who desired to help other women blossom.

So fast forward now almost five years later and you can image how extremely grateful I am to now be co-hosting an event for Local Authors with her!  She just finished her first ever book called "In the Presence of Proof", which I am thrilled to help her launch at this local event.

Deborah drove four hours last August to be there for my first book launch for "Run" and I am eternally so thrilled to have had her there that night and hope she can have the same welcoming experience as a new author.

Deborah at my book launch party on 8/8/17 at the Mill on Round Lake.

Deborah at my book launch party on 8/8/17 at the Mill on Round Lake.

Therefore, please join me at this event where Deborah will be signing and selling her new book! There will be about eight other local authors as well.  I am determined to help other authors experience this feeling of "unexplained pride when share that intimate piece of yourselves", when you write a book and publish it!  

Other local authors:
T. G. Monahan, Jacopo della Quercia, Connie Bramer, Melissa Clark and more!

For those of you who can't make the event, we will be posting links to the local authors book sale links so you can support local writing!

I will have my first book "RUN" for sale as well as my new line of Erotica and Romance books.  I am currently working on book four as well as my first children's book.

I modeled and designed these covers to capture the main character "Sadie" as well as the feel of the books.  Photography by @diane chappel and male model @dave anderson.

I modeled and designed these covers to capture the main character "Sadie" as well as the feel of the books.  Photography by @diane chappel and male model @dave anderson.

Even if you can't make the event please take away this - a bit of inspiration:

A little over a year ago I had ZERO books that I had written under my belt.  I now am writing book #4.  This is not to brag only to show that if you want something bad enough, you find a way to make it happen.   I did not go to college for writing and have no formal training.  I do love to read.  I have been "teaching" myself writing and story structure.  Plot development, character and story arcs and things I never knew existed in this world of writing. I learn each time I write a book.  

It all started April 2017 when I got my heart broken.  

I took that fuel and began to write my first book.  It was cathartic.  I also wrote 86 poems in less than two weeks - I had never written a single poem prior.  Some of these made it into my first book and two of them have become lyrics for songs I hope to win awards for at the CMAs someday (I dream big).

I now know looking back that I needed that experience to help my soul grow.  I have now turned on this faucet of creativity that I can not shut off.  I am grateful to my "teacher", my heartbreak.  

So to those of you going through something rough in your life right now, I encourage you to step back and see what lessons you are supposed to learn from that experience.  Dissect it. Everything in your life is happening for your greater good.  I can attest that while you are in this shit storm, it will not feel like it.  It may take weeks, months or even  years before you see why those horrible things happened to you but once you realize they were there so your soul could grow, it all begins to make sense.  Then you can go charging forward towards your new life!  There is a reason you are going through those tough times.  There is a reason certain people are coming into your life.  All you have to do is be open to see those reasons.  

I have been able to help others going through hard times by counseling them and helping them get out of their own way.  I also have practiced Reiki on a select few that allowed them to go down brighter roads.  I am able to project a "glowing and glittery" energy which people constantly comment on.  It is my hope that others find this power all exists within.

Experiences and people are teachers.  Do your job and learn from them!