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Project Passion
By Lorraine Toth


After a lifetime of giving her power away, Lorraine Toth, through using her artistic gifts, the power of her mind, and her no-holds-barred determination to run a marathon, claims it back. "RUN" is the story of overcoming a devastating divorce and feelings of helplessness through the process. It also chronicles the training and completing her first marathon – and learning to trust what the universe had in store for her. In this memoir and poetry self-help guidebook, Lorraine shows you how to find your way through painful circumstances and onto the path to a new and better YOU.

The second part of the book features poems that Lorraine wrote about lost love, childhood, self-doubt, the search for perfection and more. May they inspire, amuse and heal.

Watch the Award Winning Film that was based on the book RUN by

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Lorraine recently finished a manuscript for 

"Psychic Serendipity" and she is also currently writing book #4 titled "Cub Scout".

 Lorraine is currently seeking representation from a literary agent.  If interested in representing Lorraine, please send email on the contact me link.

 In the meantime, there is a #BTS video below showing Lorraine Toth modeling for the book covers at a photoshoot with Photographer Diane Chappell and male model Dave Anderson.  

Lorraine wanted very specific images for her covers so she felt it best to do a photo shoot that captured the look and feel of the novels!  "Psychic Serendipity" is a sweet romance novel with a Cowboy as a main character and "Project Passion" is an Erotica Novella involving a friends to lovers trope.


Project Passion

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Things heat up in the kitchen and Sadie and Ben go from friends to lovers in this steamy erotic novella. A perfect quick read for those cold nights when you need to heat things up. Will the two lovers be each other's gifts to unwrap for the holidays or will Sadie lose her best friend and her best lover? The first book of a series involving Sadie and her sexual escapades.

"Lorraine Toth’s prose in "Project Passion" sizzles like the afternoon sun or an unexpected but wished-for first kiss. A steamy read for those cold winter nights that’ll have you longing for the same kind of passion Ms. Toth so vibrantly portrays."

- Author T.G. Monahan

"Toth's straight forward prose is fun to read and very steamy…it’s easy to get lost in the moment and read this little gem in one fell swoop! Just what one is looking for in an erotica novella."

- Jaime Cox, Author, Editor

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Psychic Serendipity

The Universe may be sending us clues to the greatest mystery of all: who is my soul mate, and where do I find them? Might we have only to listen? Or, more precisely, find someone to teach us how to listen? Follow Callie, empire-builder and single mom extraordinaire, weighed down by a man who “just can’t commit,” on her journey to discover what the Universe has in store for her

Cub Scout by Lorraine K. Toth


Coming Soon


Writing is cathartic for me.

A quote from Ernest Hemingway best describes how I started down this path as an author, "Write hard and clear about what hurts."

I recently began writing books in 2017 and now can not stop.

I hope you enjoy my words, stories and visions.

I am honored that you took the time to read my novels and remain grateful for all of

your support!

XOXO, Lorraine

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