Click on triangle play button below to listen to a Townsquare media Radio Segment discussing lorraine’s recent projects with steve richards.

Click on triangle play buttons below to listen to an iHeart Radio Segment discussing the book "RUN" on the show 'in the moment' with deborah hanlon.


Above was my first radio interview ever with Deborah Hanlon about my book "Run". It was completely unrehearsed and "off the cuff", first and only take. You can read more about my whole interview experience in my blog piece.

It aired on iHeart Radio on 10/14/17.



An award winning short film produced by Lorraine Toth

based on the book Run written by Lorraine. This was Lorraine’s first film. This film is available for viewing on Amazon Prime.

Watch the movie on Amazon Prime! Click Link Here!

Lorraine onstage accepting her award for her first film "RUN" at the Blackbird Film Festival in Cortland, NY in April 2018.

laurels single status.jpg

Single Status

Lorraine’s second short film which has been selected to screen at the Blackbird Film Festival in Cortland, NY on April 28, 2019.

Early 2018, Lorraine filmed a pilot episode for a show idea she created titled "Baking with Baby".  You may not learn to bake but you will laugh! The show is available on Amazon as well as YouTube.

Featuring the sarcastic commentary of a Friars Club Comedian as Baby Chef (a 9 month old baby boy). She originally came up with the show idea almost six years ago and re-visited the project with the help of a local film company and award winning producer, Bobby Chase.  Lorraine has high hopes for this show and is looking to find a platform or network to market this within.  For inquiries regarding freelance availability, modeling, appearances, photography, or sponsorships, please email me at

Below are articles and links to clips that feature Lorraine and her work.