Lorraine Toth is an Award Winning Film-Maker, Artist, Photographer, Published Author, Poet, Pinup Model and Entrepreneur! She previously owned a 1950's themed bakery, "Bettie's Cakes", which was located in Saratoga Springs, NY where she was well known as Bettie.  

Lorraine lives in Upstate NY. She is a creative old soul who swears she should have been alive during the 1950's. Lorraine expresses herself through her paintings and written word.  Currently, Lorraine is a photographer with a specialty in pinup and strives to empower women.

Her first book titled "Run", was a labor of love for three years and was published in August 2017. This book was cathartic for her to write and she hopes to help many others going through tough times by reading it.  

In November 2017, she produced an Award Winning short film based on her book "RUN" which is debuting at film festivals throughout the United States.  The film recently won an award at the Blackbird Film Festival in April 2018. It is available to view on Amazon Prime. Her second short film titled “Single Status” is currently in the film festival circuit - 2019.

In the meantime, Lorraine recently finished writing her manuscripts for her second and third novels titled "Psychic Serendipity" and "Project Passion".  Lorraine modeled and produced a photo shoot to capture the images she desired for the book covers.  Stay tuned for book launch information.  For more info on the books please visit the "BOOKS" tab here on this website.

Early 2018, Lorraine filmed a pilot episode for a show idea she created titled "Baking with Baby".    She originally came up with the show idea six years ago and re-visited the project with the help of a local film company.  Lorraine has high hopes for this show and is looking to find a platform or network to market this within.

For inquiries regarding freelance availability, modeling, appearances, photography, or sponsorships, please email her at chooseahappyday@gmail.com.

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The Poet & Artist

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The Photographer

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The Author


The Award Winning Film Maker


The Pinup Model

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The Pinup Baker