What inspired me to create a Short Film based on my book "Run"

"What is it that people said that you can not do? Wouldn't it feel good to prove them all wrong?"

 Reese Witherspoon quote from her Women of the Year speech.

So I made a movie.  I turned my first book into a short film that is now entered into Film Festivals like Tribeca.  It is a visual resume of my inspirational book "RUN" with the ending featuring lines from my favorite poem I wrote.  It was filmed in one day, edited in one day and had a filming budget of only $6.00.  The $6 was for the director Andre and I to have coffee at Villa Italia.  

Neither of us made a movie before.  I wasn't even actually in this race the "Stockadathon" in Schenectady, NY.  I explained to a random woman on the street that I was filming a short film based on my book I recently published and needed a race bib.  She gladly let me have hers.  I then proceeded to "fake" a run through the end of the race trail and across the finish line.  It was a thrill to be in the race environment again.  I channeled all of the emotions I felt at the race from when I ran my marathon two years prior.

After that, the director and I went back to my home where we filmed the rest of the sequences which included:

  • my first time crying on cue
  • breaking a wine glass in my bathroom and hoping I didn't cut my bare feet
  • throwing a viel
  • sitting distraught in a corner pulling my hair out

All in all it was an amazing experience and I have a new found appreciation for actors.  Tear scenes, gauging your breath, annunciating words and portraying emotions without speaking are so completely challenging!  

I look forward to hearing back from the festivals starting with my first deadline of 2/1/18.  At this time my film is only available for festival entries and not online for the general public.  

My goal is to have Reese Witherspoon make it into a feature length film just like she did with the movie "WILD".  

Here's to having goals and inspiring others!




run by lorraine toth

Behind the scenes photo of me getting ready for my scene

of running across the finish line.