You have a choice...Choose HAPPY!

2017- a year of creative inspiration spurred by heartbreak. 

lorraine toth reading RUN.jpg

I got my heart broken in April 2017.

  • This immense sadness led me to: finally publish my first book "RUN" in July 2017
  • To begin writing poetry (86 of poems I wrote in less than two weeks after heartbreak made it into book) after never having written one poem in my life.  The sheer need to vomit sadness transformed into poems I did not know I was capable of forming
  • Produce, film and act for the first time ever in a short film based on my book.   "RUN" the short film is entered film festivals like Tribeca and film contests
  • Was named one of 19 people to know in the Capital Region NY (TU blog by Kristi Gustafson).
  • Started writing book #2 which I intend to market to the Hallmark Channel
  • Magazine cover & inside spread gigs
  • Book signing events and my first bookstore for "RUN"
  • Started a monetized YouTube channel @pinupmakeover
  • Photographed an international magazine cover
  • Recorded 1st ever radio interview for an iHeart media station

.... My point is not to brag but to show you that you can turn sadness into fuel.  You can know the feeling of having your heart stabbed but then take that energy to create.  My sadness became beautiful moments I am proud of.  All of the moments mentioned above happened this year.  I hope that this inspires at least one of you who is down to know you have a choice to either wallow in self pity or to blaze a path of new beginnings.  It is always a choice.  Choose a happy day!