Merry Go Round Relationships

So we all have been in those relationships where you know it will go nowhere.  It will not evolve.  You will never move in together, you will never discuss marriage, it is not long term.  It is unhealthy.  It is not for your highest good.  So much hurt, sadness, doubt.

The poem I wrote titled "Merry Go Round" is about just this.  The constant struggle between that angel and the devil on your shoulders.  One foot out the door but the other still inside.  

Yet, you remain in it.  It becomes an addiction.  Your mind says get out but your heart keeps you in.  You stay on this ride to nowhere.

You tell yourself one more time, one more ride.

I hope that those of you sitting on the fence have the courage to stand up for what you deserve.  I know it is so hard.  The mind is a master of trickery.  You keep telling yourself it will get better but then before you know it, months have passed.

All relationships also serve a purpose in your life so it is important to reflect on what lesson you are supposed to take from your "Merry go round relationship".  Are you supposed to learn boundaries, what you do not want so when you get what you do want you appreciate it more, learn self care, learn inner strength....?


From the poem “Merry Go Round” by Lorraine Toth in the book RUN.

Therefore, if you choose to do the "Merry Go Round" ride where it is truly a ride to nowhere....I wish you strength when you decide to finally get off that ride.

You deserve more in life than to just go in circles.

Have a happy day,