My 1st Radio Interview

Yesterday, I had my first ever radio interview.  I anxiously headed out yesterday morning for my two hour drive south.   At my side was a bottle of Kombucha to keep my thoughts focused and knowing it would give me the energy without the jitters.  I listened to upbeat music on the drive and reflected on how I got to this point.

As I pulled up to the driveway with the iHeart logo on their stone address location marker and then looked at the giant building with their logo, I thought to myself "Holy Shit!".  Here I was having just published the book a month prior and I now had this amazing opportunity to speak on air about my book already!  I was extremely grateful and proud.  A huge smile came to my face and I felt like I was glowing.

I had three minutes to spare before I entered their building and I called the person who I feel is the catalyst for my book coming to be after working on it for three years.  He was the same exact person I called bubbling with excitement the day of my book launch party on August 8th. I knew he is not big on the thanking part but I felt compelled each time to let him know through the tears shed from him being put on my path, came great inspiration.  So, I called to say "thanks" for his lessons and for coming into my life.  

I had so many preconceived thoughts of how the interview would go down.  My artistic brain always tends to visualize things before they happen.  I thought that I would have to wear the headsets while speaking and would have a list of prepared questions to answer prior to the recording.  I got there early and walked around the waiting area knowing that I had to keep the energy flowing.  I went into the recording "booth"  yesterday shaking. I looked at the microphone and was nervous that my words wouldn't come out.  I sat nervously in the chair and waited for my interviewee - Deborah Hanlon to start the recording.  

She mentioned that we had a segment of 40 minutes to fill for our interview, way longer than I had thought.  She asked if there was anything that I wished to highlight during our segment.  She also had her copy of my book on the desk in front of her mic.  It had about 40 page markers that were florescent arrows along with her "scribble notes" inside the book.  I loved that she took the time to mark up my first book with so much thought and curiosity.  It looked like a college homework assignment.

She reached around and hit the button to start speaking and recording.  Next thing I knew we were having girlfriend like banter and talking about life lessons and beyond.  We joked around and the first 20 minutes flew by.  A quick commercial break and then right back into it!  She tried to describe how I was a bright energy to listeners who weren't familiar with me.  I am such an animated person so I found this challenge of "painting pictures with words" to be a welcomed challenge.  I spoke of how I was described by a man I went on a few dates with the year prior.  He described me as "being in a dark room and someone flicks on the the light switch".  Basically, I am a whole bunch of light at once and it can take some a bit to adjust.  We giggled about how he was no longer around.  She then spoke of how I looked like Gwen Stefani and I told her of my running joke and reply when people say that - "I am still looking for my Blake Shelton!"  Before I knew it the interview was over.  She hit the end button and we completed our interview.  I signed off my with signature phrase "Have a happy day!" and we packed up.

She predicted before I even came in weeks prior that I would be addicted after my first show.  She was 100% correct! I know look forward to my next interview and would love my own show even! I realized that through my pain and ALL of my life's lessons that I have the wisdom to help others.  Sometimes you just need someone you can relate to.  Sometimes you need to know it can get better.  Sometimes you need that cheerleader to say "JUMP" off that cliff you are on the verge of.  Sometimes you need to know it is okay to have a roller coaster of emotions.  Whatever the people who hear my first interview need and take from it, I hope that it inspires.  I hope you also hear my sincere gratitude in my voice.  My appreciation for you listening to my words and my desire to help others.
For those of you who would like to grab a copy of my book "Run" you can order it on Amazon here:

I will also be doing another book signing event if you are local to the Albany area.  Details below.

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As I say in my book:
RUN towards a new you!!!