Book #2 WIP

They say to write what you know....

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I am full fledged diving into book number 2 now which is titled "Psychic Serendipity".  It is inspired by true events that happened "to a friend" I say with a smirk.  It is completely different than my first book.  This one has the goal of being a comedic modern day romance that would make Carrie Bradshaw proud and the Hallmark Channel rush to buy movie rights.  

I am noticing that I am in a different mindset than I was when I began writing my first book "Run" in 2014.  I was such an emotional trainwreck then and full of sorrow and doubt.  With this book I know exactly what I want and am full of wisdom and confidence.  

My mom has forever read romance novels - most of them written by Danielle Steel.  While I admire any author, I hope to be more of a romance author that makes you laugh instead of crying.  An author who makes you ponder the question "are we servants of fate" and "is our destiny pre-written"?  

So, I sip on my Vanilla Latte as my son is asleep upstairs and dive into what I hope turns not only into a fabulous romance novel, but also a true story.....for a friend ;) WINK WINK!